We Beleive - The path to authenticity is unique to each person, therefore will work with you to plan a retreat that fits who you are and what you are looking for at this stage in your journey.

Depending on what you are looking for during your stay in Nicaragua, we offer a vast array of options from an adventure trip of surfing, hiking, and fishing, to a week of healing through holistic counseling, yoga and meditation. Maybe you are seeking something more in your life; wanting to cleanse, deepen and heal, or perhaps what you truly need is to simply rest, and get back to that part of you that is truly you.

Nica Retreats is set on the beautiful Southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua near la playa de Gigante. Surrounded by nature and the exquisite beauty of this natural paradise provides a unique opportunity to simply let go and be… awakening the senses to what we may have long forgotten; who we are, the life inside of us, the spunk and the spirit of our true and authentic selves. Discover Nicaragua, and begin to discover you.

This moment contains all moments. C.S. Lewis